A Handmade Beauty

This lovely homemade card is by Sue Jennings, a Colorado artist living in a tiny mountain town that churns out these unique beauties with the barest of supplies (pen, pencil, 2 watercolors, & glitter pens).  My mother-in-law picked it up for me from the gift shop at the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills.  What I love is how simple, yet elegant, it is.  The design is topped off with layer of clear white glitter, making the dress subtly ethereal.  The artist only uses 2 watercolors, 2 glitter pens, and a pen to fill in a penciled design.  I love that the pencil lines remain in the final card.  I love the imperfect lines of the freehand black pen and the restraint the artist uses in the design elements.  So simple yet divine to receive, all held together with a crystal sequin.


What'd you think?

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