Black. White. And More White.

I adore black and white photos and decorating with them.  One of my favorites is one of our wedding pictures in Paris (we got married in front of the Eiffel).  We use these metal shelves with leaning black and whites on our dark grey wall:

I’ve been looking for some ideas for additional art or photographs to add to this wall.  I came across this fabulous photo courtesy of le zoe with ceiling to floor black and whites, all 5 inches apart, with the black and white off-center and 2/3 of the mat showing white.

The disproportionate white matting draws the eye to the black and white photo.  Yet there’s still a feeling of symmetry because the pictures are impeccably aligned, as if an installation.  Using non-human subjects as the photographs’ focal point makes the art that much more visually stimulating and identifies the wall of black and whites as purely and gluttonously “for design purposes only”.


2 thoughts on “Black. White. And More White.

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