Halloween Costume: Ordered!

I’m all for easy, creative Halloween costumes that you can make from old crap that you’ve avoided throwing away year after year “in case you might wear it one day”.  Case in point, 2 years ago I went as Brett Michaels simply so I could get SOME use out of a blue hankerchief I bought for $ 2.00 in Chinatown 2 years before.

Last week, I bought a black, long, dreadlock wig that my husband and I have been fighting over for our friend’s annual Halloween bash.  The plan was for either one of us to go as Bob Marley (hello: cut-offs, tie-dye shirt, and brown bronzer that I never wear/use!).  We both have been pushing the other to “find another costume already!”, so I broke down first and found a divine alternative today on Etsy (dress: Glamtastik, hair-piece: BatcakesCouture, to be paired with long, black gloves).

In addition to being completely excited to wear the gorgeously-made dress, I am SO relieved because neither my husband nor I are above going both as Bob Marley–SHAMELESS!


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