You delectable dame! You exquisite morsel.

I’ve been putting together lists of words for my upcoming Seductive Foot Massage DVD and have had a steamy time finding and using them!  What am I missing?

salacious, sexy, purring, leather-clad, chocolate-dipped, silky, red, scarlet letter, irresistible, mouthwatering, rock hard, dangling, sweaty, dynamite, dancing, breathless, breathtaking, whispering, kitten, queen, dessert, champagne, chocolate, savory, delectable, violet, tulip, dame, delicious, darling, honey, carnal, bawdy, suggestive, fiery, gorgeous, draping, subtle, kissable, lickable, edible, victorian, loosey-goosey, dazzling, exquisite, lustful, steamy, wanton, handsome, diva, sweetheart, sensational, muse, angel, creature, steamy, morsel, stunning


What'd you think?

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