Ball Themed Baby Birthday–It’s here!!






Sunday was my son’s 1st birthday and what a fabulous time was had by all.  I especially had a great time planning and decorating it.  A few ideas to carry through to your own child’s birthday fun.

The centerpiece was so easy and elegant.  I filled a huge glass vase with gum balls (use any cereal or candy), spray painted standard branches baby blue spray paint, threaded fruit loops on ribbons, and macarons on a needle and thread, and hung the edible decorations off the branches.  It was adorable (if I do say so myself)!  I also used the macarons as a party gift, placing 3 of them in a bag and tying the bag off with raffia.


I filled votive vases with ball-like cereals (kix, trix, & fruit loops) and then topped them off with a brightly-colored Europom.  I also filled some festive, brightly colored Evian glass bottles that we carted back from a resort in Mexico with the same for a different look.


Of course, I made the homemade banners and signs with scrapbooking paper, lots of ribbon that I buy discounted from the ribbon-factory in Hagerstown, and decorative scissors.  One element that I’ve added to my signs this last year is tying ribbon on ribbon for a unique look.  I got this idea from a blogging workshop I took in NYC with Holly from Decor8 & the clever Leslie Shrewing in January 2012.


The ball pit was a hit and got lots of action from all the babies and toddlers at the party.  It also allowed the adults to mingle and enjoy my bellini bar!


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