Week in Chicago

I’m having the best time being at home after being gone for a week in Chicago.  As much as I love the architecture, shopping, food, and “style” of Chicago, I so missed my family and even the most enjoyable experiences are dulled without my sweetie by my side.  The time away provided me with some much needed quiet time, where I could ruminate about ideas, courses, and the state of things.  The tiniest details in Chicago can provide hours of distractions, even when it’s 30 degrees outside!

While the bulk of my time was spent on work, I did manage to get out to enjoy the city a bit.  The highlight of my trip was meeting Nigella Lawson at a Union League Club of Chicago event.  She was even more gorgeous in person than she is on tv, actually I rode up in the elevator with her to the event and couldn’t help but stare.  The event was to celebrate her new book Nigelissima, which is a divine compilation of various Italian recipes (they served many of them at the event) and stunning photos.  Nigella told me at the event that she has a new food show that she’s recently developed that she’s shopping in the US (it’s already airing in the UK) as a follow-on for to her book.  She also told me she liked Anthony Bourdain very much on her new show (which, to be honest, I still haven’t seen), because, as Nigella would so predictably say in her delectable British accent, “He’s himself, and I quite like people who show up as who they are.”

The event concluded with an interview of Nigella on stage–I don’t care whether she’s talking about marionberries or (her most surprising statement at the event) the fact that “life is not a bowl of cherries,” I could listen to her “rattle on” for days.  All is all,  Nigella remains my number 2 girl crush.  Here are some photos from the week (I hoping to get the shots of myself and Nigella from the photographer at the event).

Shopping in Goldcoast:


Favorite coffee shop in the Drake:

IMG_1163 Mapping my 2013 goals with Leonie Dawson’s fantastic workbook:

IMG_1176 IMG_1174 IMG_1185IMG_1186 IMG_1201 IMG_1204 Pump room fare (I was still working, even though it was happy hour!):IMG_1210 IMG_1215

City-scape gazing:IMG_1220What I loved the most about this trip was how wonderful it was to come home–is there anything better than being happiest at home?



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