This Week

We are back after a week in Mexico, and I have been taking it slow, doing lots of crafting, yoga, and eating loads of chocolate…I worked on these macaroons last night after getting back from an crafternoon with friends making paper flowers.  The macaroons were done with watercolors and embossing powders and stamps._DSC0247


A few delicious morsels from Zoe’s, my favorite local chocolatier.  We actually went through two boxes this week.  Oy voy.  Rough week.



We started construction on the new condo this week as well.  Half the condo is already framed in only two days.  The high ceilings make the space so spacious and I am daydreaming about types of storage for my artroom (yes, I will have a new small space just for crafts!).


Mexico was not an ideal vacation.  My husband broke his arm and has been in lots of pain since getting back.  He also can’t drive or take care of the bebe.  Hence, my two boxes of chocolates.  In addition to him breaking his arm, both me and the baby got sick during the trip and, during a peak moment when we were all lying in bed, the toilet clogged and overflowed…!  The highlight was that my otherwise active toddler has spent the majority of the last week perched and snuggling my shoulder.  Too cute.



Here was a final family portrait coming back in the Cancun airport, I have to say, I’ve seen better shots.

photo (6)

Last bit of exciting news, someone got his first faux-hawk….!  Hoping your week was better than ours! xx



One thought on “This Week

  1. So many things to comment on. I’m really sorry to hear about your trip to Mexico – that family portrait will definitely tell many stories for years to come. I’m so excited for you to get a craft space with high ceilings – that’s pretty much one of my biggest dreams lol. Oh, and I’m very impressed by your macaroons.

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