Macaroons 2.0


I’ve been working diligently on my macaroons and am so pleased with how they are coming along.  I adore the colors you can get with watercolors by patiently applying multiple layers.  I recently discovered watercolor pencils that are also lots of fun and, of course, I would feel entirely naked in any of my creations without my Martha Stewart glitter and embossing powder accents.  I am hoping to decorate our entire new condo with my art, so I am thrilled to have this first piece going in my new art room.   It’s also so fun to see the enormous difference from only last week’s post between my first and today’s more advanced macaroons.  I’m amazed at how far you can come in art using only intuition and also how therapeutic art can be in dealing with life’s challenges.  xxx


4 thoughts on “Macaroons 2.0

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