This Week and Morrocan Re-trys

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I’m wrapping up the week, reviewing the peaks (many leases written and reviewed, my first piano lesson, took and taught 1 yoga class, coffee with a fabulous local business owner and fellow blogger, my first acryllic class at the Delaplaine, a full day at the spa sheparding many many LA Slim Wraps, massage, and reflexology appointments, the Catoctin Affair and my donation of 4 sessions of life coaching to the highest bidder, solo Artist’s Date at Wine Kitchen, led 3 and received 1 coaching session, blocks of time spent restructuring Chakras, received simple yet elegant watercolored flower thank you card, 1 Martha Beck class, started new watercolor of prettty dresses, started my spring tablescape, received my Planner Pad for the new year and the one I ordered for my husband (his first!), delectable treats from Stone Hearth bakery Sunday morning (pictured above), and many kisses and hugs from my little bird)

and valleys (the Mod Podge on my DIY Morrocan lanterns never dried clear–on another note, if anyone has ideas for other DIY projects using 1 gallon of Mod Podge…let me know!, many details for my husband’s upcoming 40th birthday yet to be planned/scheduled/settled, godaddy has suspended both my personal and business websites due to a “vulnerability” resulting in many hours of charges and back-and-forth emails from my programmers and no end in site/sight).

Although my Morrocan laterns didn’t turn out (photos below), the gold puffed paint on the outside looks so intricate and inspired.  I’m retooling the plan, and planning on trying my hand at spray paint, glass paint, and even gold sharpies instead of puffed paint for an improved final product.  I’ve chosen to do a Morrocan Nights themed party for my husband’s party.  The venue is on Carroll Creek and, instead of luminaries, I wanted to to line the walkway to the event with these faux Morrocan lanterns.



Here are a few  links to some more gorgeous examples of these dressed-up Morrocan Mason jars by clever crafters:

These would be so pretty with sand and a candle at the bottom to line a walkway at night,

I’m convinced that Mod Podge produces a cloudy result, but these are still unique,

This crafter used Elmers(!) and the color dried clear,

Love the dot effect with puff paint,

Small electric candles shine the brighest, especially for evening events involving many hours, and

Using white paint mimics lace and gives the jars a brillant vintage feel.




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