3 Hours, 1 Lemon


Last night was my second acryllic painting class at the Delaplaine.   After constructing an intricate landscape last week and after a long Wednesday at work, I was eager to paint a subject matter slightly more straightforward with fewer colors and textures.

Three hours later, this lemon was born.  The inspiration was taken from a food photograph by Petrina Tinslay published in Nigellissima, a stunning coffee table book that includes recipes amongst Nigella’s witty prose.  I picked up 4 copies for friends and family last month when I met Nigella in Chicago.

As it turns out, painting landscapes and flowers is remarkably easier than fruit.  Lesson learned.  Adding to my generally annoyed state last night, rounding out Hour 2 of the painting of my lemon, the artist teaching the class (a man clearly uneducated on Nigella or her body of work) mislabelled my inspiration source as a “cookbook” in front of the entire class, which I secretly resented for the entirety of the remaining hour.

On a related note, I have been quite enjoying using my failed Morrocan jars as fancified containers for housing and cleaning dirty brushes and have begun to wonder what else I can fancify around our home with my gold puffy paint…




5 thoughts on “3 Hours, 1 Lemon

  1. I’m impressed! It’s amazing how many other colors besides yellow go into painting a lemon, huh? I once had a teacher give me the assignment of painting a white egg on a white sheet of paper, and that was crazy hard.

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