Teddy B.


For me, Ted Baker is to the 30s what J. crew was to the 20s.

Meticulously-crafted, well-conceived, and fun to wear clothes just out of your pay grade.

Instead of focusing on the  list of impracticalities that accompany wearing a shirt with this price tag (which, by the way,  is more lengthy than a list of the unnatural ingredients in a McDonald’s happy meal), I’m focusing on the time-tested, academically-founded, and research-supported principle that I’ve now incorporated into my business mentoring curriculum: the fake it until you make it phenomenon.

A skill, which I’ve come to realize, is widely used and uniquely perfected by men and lawyers alike.

And, even if I never make it to that next pay grade, at least I can experience the indulgent bliss of Ted Baker occasionally, while spending my mornings and afternoons with Ted’s poorer, 20-something cousin, J. Crew.

Here are some shots of my recent indulgences:




And finally, a shot before my Skype taping on Friday.  I use the Eiffel tower as a backdrop for Skype interviews, which I think makes everything more visually appealing than the blank wall alone (from Ikea).

Photo on 4-19-13 at 2.57 PM #2



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