“A Morrocan Night” Invitation

ss invite1This is the first draft of my husband’s 40th birthday invitation.  Isn’t it darling?!

It still needs a few edits, but I love the design, colors, and the general feel for how it turned out.  A family friend provided the lettering at the top in Farsi, which, loosely translated and reworded into what I can recall means, “It would be our pleasure if you could celebrate with us.”

I had these invitations custom designed by a printer in Oregon because I couldn’t find invitations (from anywhere!) that were steppin’ to the beat of a Morrocan vibe.

ss invite 2

I chose Morrocan Nights as the theme for birthday party for a few reasons:

First, as a way to incorporate lots of colors and textures.

Second, there’s tons of fabulous DIY ideas for the party itself (hello, Morrocan lanterns!).

And, finally, to infuse into his 40th birthday various elements from his background, childhood, and life, including use of his dad’s Persian rugs and a hookah station on the patio perched below strands of white lights.

I’ve just sent off my edits and the design should be finalized soon!



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