Succulent Tablescape for Spring


Spring is here!  I’ve just rescheduled an interview today because I didn’t want to sound nasally and sick.  It’s still unclear what my exact diagnosis is:  whether I’m sick with a cold or have fallen victim to pollen coated in misery.

But, to the point of this post and out of my cloud of congestion.  My spring tablescape is inspired by none other than the Extraordinary Succulent.  My mother-in-law handmade the green runner, and she found the slightly smaller runner coated in rocks for $9!  All of the planting vessels are re-used vases, bottles, and containers from around the house.


I started by placing moss at the bottom of the vessels, then rocks, sand, and finally potting soil.


Why this order?  Why these materials? I have no idea, so don’t try this until I determine whether my kitchen mysteriously becomes enveloped with a moldy stench over the next 1-2 weeks.


The gorgeous succulents I hand-picked this past weekend from Surreybrooke Gardens, a magnificent farm that houses intricate greenhouses, lily ponds, miniature ponies, and all the garden props one could ever conceive of (pics to follow).


I adore using green for spring.  Last year I also used green as a focal element in my spring tablescape, but this was my first employing Succulents.  What is more delightful than using these miniature, easy-to-care-for varieties as a centerpiece?

Finally, I thought the fishbowl would so masterfully display the different layers of my arboretum (or succulentetum), just like flower arrangements that use the flower and the stem as focal points.  The translucent walls of my little zen garden, lined with ivory stones, so perfectly allow us to observe the water trickling thru the soil and moss layers and delight in the expected growth of our fledglings.

Happy Spring!



5 thoughts on “Succulent Tablescape for Spring

  1. Gorgeous! I gave up on my terrarium and put a fake succulent inside so let me know if your’s works out!! I also really love the round cement vase. did you make that?

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