Why FVB?

_DSC0206People ask me all the time why I named this blog Fat Vegan Baby.  The truth is, there is no particular reason. The phrase came up when my husband and I were having dinner with friends one night in Annapolis.  The group was joking how our son, who had only experienced life on this earth for a few short months, could gain such an ungodly amount of weight in so short a time, particularly in view of the fact that we had only fed him a primarily vegan diet.

We laughed referring to him as our Fat Vegan Baby, and, when I began to feel inclined to start a new blog a few months later (my seventh or eighth blog in my 33 years), the name stuck with me.

I briefly attempted to try on other titles, mainly because I generally find the term “fat” slightly offensive, and, let’s be honest, I’m neither fat nor a vegan (nor a baby for that matter).  But, my intuitive guidance continued to direct me toward the name and it was adamant that FVB was supposed to be the name of this blog, for whatever reason.

And that’s how it happened.  I don’t really know the reason for it, just like so many other things in life.  I was born a woman, yet I hate to clean, cook, and give birth.  Go figure.

So, here is our Fat Vegan Baby, who at least for now, is all three of those things.

Enjoy your weekend!



5 thoughts on “Why FVB?

  1. I love your blog name. Side note, fat is undervalued, and over-hated (made that term up, but what do you do). Anyhow, thanks for following and dang your kiddo is adorable! Our Mellow Little Person is also 17 months and the thought of a crib-escape is, well, I can’t handle it.

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