Sweet, Salty Salads

_DSC0019This salad first met my mouth when I was in college working as a waitress at a resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The ingredients are so versatile: they can easily be substituted for other nuts/berries/fruits/and cheeses.  Yet, I still come back again and again for this combination, in particular, to experience the phenomenal coupling of this sweet and salty salad.

Here’s how to whip it up:

  • spring mix salad
  • sliced pears
  • blue cheese crumbles (Roquefort preferred)
  • high-quality balsamic vinegar
  • Maple-covered walnuts
  • Kosher salt/ground pepper

I’m positive that the original recipe for this salad dressed the walnuts with a sugar-based sauce.  Because I try to stay away from refined sugar altogether (at least in my cooking), I prepare the walnuts first by toasting them for a few minutes in a small sautee pan with nothing in it.  I then pour in just enough high-grade maple syrup so that all of the walnuts end up glazed in the resulting gooey deliciousness.  The syrup–within a few minutes–will bubble down and reduce, so that all that remains are your sticky-maple-covered nuggets to adorn your salad with.  It’s quick and easy with a prep time of less than 10 minutes.

Bon appetit!

(Isn’t this picture divine?  My inspiration for the set-up was the work of Helene Dujardin, one of my favorite food photographers and author of Plate to Pixel.)



5 thoughts on “Sweet, Salty Salads

  1. hey Jessica, thanks for visiting 🙂
    adorable blog name and great posts, too. this salad looks like something I should just go and whip up for dinner 😉

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