Dressing Up Mother’s Day Cards

These Mother’s Day cards are inspired by my childhood obsession with dollhouses.  All the tiny precious detailed furniture, miniature clothing, and shunken household items–it’s no wonder that 80 year old men are avid dollhouse collectors with absolutely no associated shame.

I had finished a series of pastel, whispy pink dresses, similar to the collage I did of various mararoons, but soon realized they would look even more precious as cut-outs for individual cards.

As I’ve been on a card-making kick lately, this series of cards matriculated just in time for Mother’s Day and turned out incredibly cute.

Homemade cards are the most fabulous way, in my opinion, to reuse birthday, holiday, and special occasion cards you receive over the years (and there are so many gorgeous ones nowadays), as well as a perfect outlet to use all of those adorable thingamajiggys that are so tempting to buy and so easy to accumulate (but that you never know what to do with!).  Like decorated, miniature clothespins, for example.


_DSC0094I do, however, typical use all of my clothespins for a variety of projects.  They are fantastic for banners, especially for baby shower banners and decor.

For the dress designs themselves, I used watercolors and watercolor pencils.

Then, I cut them out and spruced them up with the unparalleled Martha Stewart glitters and paints.  I pasted on some gold leaf, drew in a clothesline with black pen, and clipped the painted clothespin onto the top of the card (which I’m including in the envelope separately for mailing).  The series is shown here:


I attached the dresses with a pop-up sticky (from PaperSource) that provides some height for the cut-outs and makes them appear ethereal, as if they really are floating on a clothesline.


There are 9 dresses total.


Here are individual shots of each.










Whatever your inspiration, there is nothing better than receiving a handmade card.  Good luck on trying your own!



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