Spring Banner


Here is my new SPRING banner that I’m sending out this week for a very special birthday girl!

These background papers are hand-made (not by me).


I have a specific crafting box that I use to store all of my scraps for various projects (such as banners).  It comes in more handy than you would think.


I love UPcycling odds and ends by turning them into something even more beautiful and then giving the finished product as a gift.


All of the gorgeous ribbons my mother-in-law gets for me at a Ribbon factory close-by that sells “defect” and overproduced ribbons usually for $1-$3 per roll!


Needless to say, I am always looking for new uses for ribbon.  Here, I had a few architectural issues with my initial design, which I promptly corrected with my trusty ribbons.


The letters I cut out of white paper and painted with various colored and glittered paints.  The cherry blossoms I watercolored.



The tissue paper flowers I saw on Martha Stewart’s show.  Another fabulous use for recycling old tissue paper.  And the paper flowers were molded from a kit I got at PaperSource.



Happy Spring!



4 thoughts on “Spring Banner

  1. I am the lucky recipient of the spring banner!!!!! It’s fabulous, fun, and I get to admire it all day long! Hugs to you!!

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