Vegemania: Part Trois (Cauliflower)



I’ve definitely noticed restaurants trending toward offering the whole roasted head of cauliflower lately, which comes out with a gorgeous blackened crust and whipped butter consistency.  Even if you can’t duplicate that presentation at home (which is why I have a picture of a raw whole head of cauliflower above), cauliflower poppers are tasty with loads of flavoring options.  My favorite go-to is tossing the florets with barbecue  sauce and baking for 150-20 minutes at 500 degrees F.

Parmesan, garlic

Parmesan, balsamic


Honey, Lemon, red-pepper flakes

Lemon, Caper, Dijon

Soy sauce, pepper

Tumeric, paprika, cinnamon

Panko, lemon zest

Barbecue (or just use bottled BBQ sauce)


The Whole Cauli-head

Sun-Dried Tomato

White Wine and Goat Cheese






5 thoughts on “Vegemania: Part Trois (Cauliflower)

  1. That’s sweet, and the recipes provide a lot of “ho-to” knowledge. yet I am _still_ on the (stubborn) lookout to make a cauliflower “steak” five-star-uber-tasty in a purely vegan way. Call it an idée fixe. And it means no cheese and no honey and attention with wine obviously. Forks Over Knives (the cookbook) offers a recipe which I’m trying today. I will report! 😉

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