Metallic Gold Luminaries


Amidst a trip to Las Vegas, Arizona, and a stint of the flu (posts on the former two to come), projects for my husband’s upcoming 40th birthday party have been in the works.  This project in particular seemed to take longer than originally anticipated (le sigh), but I’m pleased how they turned out and am anxious to see the final effect.

In order to get to the party, guests park in a garage and walk on an old-fashioned lamp-lit brick pathway along a canal filled with lily pads to the venue.  I wanted a luminary-effect along the pathway for the night of the party, but with a little more pizazz.  Plus, sand with candles was going to take too much maintenance for 100 luminaries and a possible safety hazard (the walkway is public and usually busy on Saturday nights).

So, I tried using different mason jars (always a cost effective option!) in various sizes using different techniques for the final effect, including glue and food coloring, glass paint, glitter and colored spray paints (to match the party colors), and finally this metallic gold.  After finally deciding on this metallic gold, we worked on what would go inside:  greenery and various types of dried plants and cuttings and different iterations of each in gold, silver, purple, and glitter colors, gold/silver glitter balls, 40th birthday flags, colored sand, whether there would be styrofoam or no styrofoam, whether there would be real or electric candles, and how high the greenery/shrub/flag/balls would fly in each.

I’m not one to have the patience to photograph my process like to many other of my favorite bloggers:  it breaks my flow and feels too arduous, so here is a picture of the final result.

The inside branch ended up originating from a stack of dried clippings that we found in my mother-in-law’s garage.  Luckily, we found lots of other options there too, but this ended up being the best.  I chose an electric candle to go inside, sans sand, and ended up spray painting both the jars and the brush the same metallic gold color.  If you haven’t tried using the metallic gold and/or silver spray paints, you’re missing out!  They go on so smoothly and look gorgeous on almost anything.  I can’t wait to see 100 of these shinies lined and lit on the night of the party! XX


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