Vegas Inspiration: Fake Flowers and Fruits

Who knew fake flowers and fruits could be so dazzling?  These were taken at the buffet at the Wynn in Las Vegas this past week.  Clearly, these fakes are not inexpensive._DSC0636

Because it was a work event, I didn’t get to shoot as many of the gorgeous details as I would have liked._DSC0648

But I did get a few…_DSC0649

I love how they designed the architecture around the flower and fruit displays.  Love the idea of using artichokes as décor!_DSC0650

I’m a huge fan of the tightly packed “ball” or sphere effect (more below)._DSC0655

These seem so easy to duplicate.  Don’t you love absorbing all of the carefully thought out and beautifully executed details?_DSC0607

Here are the fake flower balls hanging from the lobby trees in Las Vegas’s Wynn.  I was told that each petal was $5….how fun would it be to try these at home?

And use as a centerpiece or hang from an art room?_DSC0599

In various colors.  Here’s the full effect:_DSC0571Adore the green accents in some of the balls.


And patterns of different breeds of flower.

_DSC0595Some marvelous ideas to freshen up the everyday.



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