Double the Likelihood of Getting the Undone Done

_DSC0789How’s this for results?  In two groups in which women agreed to perform a self-breast exam in the following 30 days, only 53% of the women who said they would do the exam did, while 100% of the women who scheduled the actual time and place to perform the exam did it.  Fascinating, huh?

In another study conducted among a group of drug addicts who were asked to write an essay before 5 pm on a certain day, 80% of those who scheduled when and where they were going to write the essay finished the task, while none of those who didn’t set the same intentions finished it.

So, try not only penning the date and time of those pesky, nagging to-dos, but also the projected location of the most likely place to get them done and see how it works.

(On a side note, this picture is of macaroons that I received for Mother’s Day–from Phoenix, Arizona–and homemade glitter balls I was trying out for the gold metallic luminaries for the upcoming party.  The glitter balls didn’t end up working for my luminaries, but I still loved the effect.  I used gum balls left over from this party, Modge Podge, and, of course, coarse and fine Martha Stewart glitter–don’t forget the fine glitter, it won’t work without it!)



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