A Moroccan Night Invitation

My husband’s 40th birthday is right around the corner, and I have so many beautiful DIY projects, details, and ideas to share that I’ve discovered in the course of planning the event.  But first, the invitation.


I could not find a Moroccan-inspired invitation anywhere (even online), so my research skills found their way to this company in Portland, Oregon, which was able not only to print the type of invitation I wanted (trifold design), but also do the design and art work.

Finding Anders was not an easy task: a surprising few printing companies will do custom designs.  So, I sent off my ideas, the text for the card, the handwritten Farsi printing, and the colors I envisioned.  Susan worked on my card, and made it spectacular!


The Farsi says, “We would be honored if you could join us for this special event” or something equivalent to that…


We included two insert cards, one for the directions and one for the RSVP.  Both had the gold Moroccan domed border.


The RSVP card included the same colored lanterns as the invite._DSC0188I’m also loving lately the idea of tying a string or ribbon around my snail mail, which is kept in place with a dot of hot glue under the knot.  Not all of the invitations got the extra string, however (I ran out of time toward the end to finish them all!).  I hand wrote the delivery and return address with a metallic bronze sharpie.


I’m hoping everyone saw that the attire is white, which is listed on the bottom of the invite (I personally never read invitations carefully!) and that the party I have planned lives up to this special card!



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