Bow-titily-upmtious Father’s Day

We are three days away from what I hope will the last biggest event that I plan for quite a long time.  Because we’ve agreed, a party this size is just. too. much. work.  and stress.  And thank goodness we have a strong marriage, because if it was shaky, I’m pretty sure planning this party would have shot us straight into Divorce Court.

I have everything planned from a Llama with a Moroccan costumed handler to basil infused butter rosettes to fancified gold luminaries (using small mason jars) with gold brush and electric candles.  I’ll post all the details next week as soon as I spend a few days in an amoeba state recouping.  I also hope to be back to my regular posting frequency next week!

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the cards I made my husband and father-in-law for Father’s Day with their accompanying gifts.


Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with bow ties on men?  My husband wore a pink bow tie in our holiday photo last year, and I thought it would be so dashing to have both him and his father in bow ties for his birthday celebration.  They will both be wearing white suits (because it is a white Moroccan themed party for his 40th), with my father-in-law wearing a matching paisley purple pocket square and my husband adorning a blue flower lapel pin.

Unfortunately, I have the hardest time finding unique “statement” bow ties because there are very few places in our area that sell them.  The pink one from last year we got at “PINK,” and these Father’s Day bow ties I ordered online from Nordstrom’s and Barney’s.  I had a pretty good idea that I wanted a paisley design in purple and turquoise, and these were literally the only two I came across!

The bow tie cards were created with watercolor and watercolor pencils–my absolute favorite art supplies.  It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake in the design, the layered effect always looks fabulous regardless of talent or intent.

Then I simply cut them out with an exacto knife and gave them a pop-out effect with the larger double-sided tacky squares.  Bow-titily-umptious!

Enjoy your upcoming weekend!



3 thoughts on “Bow-titily-upmtious Father’s Day

  1. Those are the coolest bow ties I’ve ever seen. I’d love to see guys wearing something like that at the Academy Awards…with their black suits.

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