Summer Crafting Series: Mason Jar Luminaries


This is the first post in my Summer Crafting series, highlighting 15 my favorite crafts for summer, some of which I’ve tried before and others I’m doing for the first time.  This one is a DIY from my husband’s 40th birthday party–I tested various dyes and spray paints on small mason jars before settling on this variety, which I continue to love and use as decor every chance I get.


It’s also kid friendly because this craft is easy to do.  It’s fun coming with creative ways to tweak the luminaries, as well as finding places around the house to display them so they are properly appreciated._DSC0053Because I have 100 of these babies from this event, I’m continually brainstorming ways to put them to use–tea parties at my mother-in-laws (who has a huge outdoor space that I would love to line with my luminaries), baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties.  You name it, I have a luminary for it.


We were having some friends over with their kids on Saturday night, so I set them out on our patio to make a casual gathering a little more special._DSC0072

My preference is to use electric candles.  I dislike having to remember to light candles before the party because usually there are so many other things going on in our house (and my head).  I also like being able to reuse the electric candle over and over again, and you never have to be bothered with changing out the candle during your party or event.

I spray-painted the outside of the jars in case I wanted to use regular candles, but I also think it looks better when you spray paint the outside of the jar instead of the interior (unless that’s the look your going for….).


I know mason jars are overused and overdone for every craft project and DIY, but I just. don’t. care.  I’m still loving them and delighted every time I see them at a wedding (such as here and here) or come across a new use for them that I hadn’t thought of before. _DSC0152

This DIY is has so many variations:  you can leave the jars clear or dye them a light color and nestle an electric candle into sand (regular or colored), shells, candy, spray painted brush (similar to what I used inside of my votives for the birthday party), flower petals, mini-bird’s nests, pebbles, beads, colored goo (for Halloween), cotton, tissue paper, colored stones, or any other decor your heart desires.  I use gold for almost everything–but silver spray paint would look just as stunning._DSC0147

Also try using votives in spaces in your home that are traditional.  Hang them from trees in the backyard, set them on front window sills, use as night lights (like we did here) in the bathroom or kids’ room, up or along stairs, or to line the walkway or hallway outside or inside of your home with these gold lovelies.  How pretty is it to walk into a home for a party or gathering and have the interior hallway lined with these bejeweled petite lights?_DSC0160




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