Summer Crafting Series: Paper Flower Straws


These brightly-colored garden varieties were made for me as a gift by my crafting mentoress.  She got the idea from queen crafter Martha Stewart (via MS magazine), and my husband and I used them at our spring engagement party for a bright, festive flair.


They are made with colorful cupcake wrappers of different patterns and sizes by cutting a hole in the middle of the paper and placing the wrapper around the ridged area of a bendy straw.  Repeat this step, adding papers of smaller and smaller sizes, and then use scissors to form petals on the wrappers of your choice.


How cute would these or these wrappers be for designing these straws?  These paper flowers are pretty enough to use by themselves as décor in—what else?—mason jars or even to adorn a vase or planter that needs a pick-me-up.  A straw “buffet” for a drink table that includes these paper flower straws, along with the polka dot and striped straws that are everywhere these days, would be equally charming.  I had fun placing them in various bottles–my favorites a specialty olive oil bottle and a recycled wine bottle that was turned into a candler–for a unqiue look.



For a more specifics on how-to on create these beauties, go to the source, here.




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