Decorative Paper Banners


Of course, no Summer Crafting Series would be complete without a post on paper banners.  They are among my very favorite to make for gifts and home decor.  Right now, I’m in the process of finishing a paper airplane banner made from vintage maps for Judah’s new airplane-themed room.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t done in time for this post, but here are some past paper banners.  Almost all of them were gifts:  some created as surprises and others upon request.  Remember to snap a photo of your banner before sending it off, I didn’t do that for a few of my gift banners and I wish I had.

I’m also loving the many homemade banners I’m seeing all over these days.  Below is a picture of a fabric banner that was hung at a wedding I attended in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The first thing I noticed during our trip to Charm City Bakery was the homemade paper banner hanging from the ceiling in the entryway.  They give each space a welcoming feel, a point of interest, and a reminder of the daily joy, spontaneity, and celebration that is easy to forget.











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