Crafty Bastards 2013


The bastards that created these cards are crafty, but Crafty Bastards is also the name of one of the largest and most unique handmade arts and crafts festivals in the DC area that took place last weekend.  Crafty Bastards is the cool cousin of your average arts and crafts fair, marketing themselves as an underground arts and craft fair highlighting indie independent artists and crafts that are never mass produced or imported (hiss!!).  The “underground” event attracts over 30,000 people to see 150 or so booths/bands/food trucks and more. It is super cool for those of us who get excited about things like greeting cards made from the decorative side of playing deck cards, lady ties sewn from recycled men’s ties, and a hanging garden of light bulbs with plants growing inside of each one. These are photos of a few of the darling notecards I took home, made by Craftgasm DC (now I have a word for the feeling I get when I’m crafting!).  Craftgasm is a single woman show conjured up by Melissa Esposito.  For the above cards, she simply took vintage playing cards (i.e. retrieved from her mother), taped them to a card stock, and sold them for $3 each. Pretty ingenious if you ask me: I’m particularly fond of their homemade feel.  Here are a few of her other card creations:



I just get a good feeling inside seeing used library catalog cards repurposed into a greeting card (another of her works).  cardpost3And some other Instagram pics from the event–I attended with my marvelous vegan food blogger friend Val.  My favorites obviously included the recycled lightbulb gardenrepurposed men’s ties into an ascot, the necklace created from a dollhouse-sized baker’s dozen of doughnuts, and vintage books upcycled (if you ask me) into handbags.


These ideas are bound to inspire one’s own crafti-ness and serve as just the appetizer for the grand-daddy of all craft fair events,  American Made, coming up on October 16 in NYC.  I’ll be there as a Martha Stewart blogger and am painstakingly awaiting to see in the flesh which crafty bastards the Martha Stewart team has selected this year.



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