2 Weeks, 2 Marthas, and Chicago


The past two weeks have been exhausting/electrifying for me.  I travelled to Chicago to celebrate my 34th birthday with my family, to California to spend a day with Martha Beck at her coaches’ meet and greet, and tomorrow I’m off to NYC for the American Made convention for a jam-packed day scheduled for the Martha Stewart bloggers by Martha’s editors where we’ll be getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the convention and the opportunity to meet tons of other creatives and creative entrepeneurs and hopefully Martha herself.  I’ll be writing about both of the Martha events this week (my day was Martha Beck was easily among one of the best days of my life), including my take-aways and notes, but today I want to share a few pictures from our Chicago trip.

My husband knows how much I love the city of Chicago (where I went to law school 7 years ago) and that there’s no place I’d rather be (although, really, my favorite place to be is with my husband).  So, it was quite sweet that he surprised me with this birthday trip.  I was feeling pretty fabulous about turning 34, pretty fabulous, that is, until a friend sent me this.  Ahhhh, Jezebel, why are you always sooo right?!

Our weekend was filled with all of my annual favorites: a stay at the architectural Chicago novelty hotel Sofitel; at my favorite time of year, the beginning of fall; a stroll in Millenium Park;



a little shopping in Gold Coast; farmers’ market jaunts to admire the screaming bright flowers and seasonal, overly textured gourds;



a lazy walk in Lincoln Park;


witnessing Judah’s excitement at the petting zoo (the build up of seeing cows that say “moo” was much more thrilling than the event itself–he would not let go of Daddy); and interactive children’s garden where kids can pick their own afternoon snacks from the garden,



brunch at Pump Room; dinners at Bandera and Jellyfish; and cake at an unnamed favorite tourist destination (Cheesecake factory, I know, but it’s so delicious!);



followed by a quick bus ride to the aquarium (movie of Judah’s cold-blooded playmate here) and park chalk play with friends at the park (both human and dog) before heading to the airport (pictures are iphone and instagram).


Of course, I did not underestimate the thrill for a nearly 2 year old boy of riding on a plane and a train 2 times each during this trip.  Clips from the trip of my very independent son here and here.

This year especially, I feel grateful to the past, joyful in the present, and giddy with excitement at the so so many future ways, means, opportunities, and “magical” happenings that have allowed me to continue to learn, grow, connect, experiment, and, most important of all, create every day.





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