Butternut Squash Soup Inspiration

_DSC0782Not wanting to let go of fall just yet and enchanted by the butternut squash displays at the grocery, I oiled, salt and peppered, and roasted the flesh of this pumpkin-colored beauty for a rich butternut squash and roasted garlic soup.  Here’s some butternut squash inspiration for a warming weekend lunch.

_DSC0796Start off with the squash, thyme, oregano, 2 garlic heads, 1 onion, S&P, corriander (fresh or dried), and vegetable broth or boullion.


Roast garlic, squash, and thyme at 425F for 40 mins (take out garlic and squash at about 20 mins).   Sautee onion and the remaining herbs and seasonings in a large skillet.


Add vegetable broth along with the squash, thyme, and garlic (smush garlic out from its hardened casing) and marry ingredients for 10-20 minutes.  Blend and serve with fresh oregano (and a big spoon to savoooor).


bon appetit mes amis!



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