Sunday Review

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Even though I compile a video each year to memorialize yearly highlights, including places we travelled, favorite people, funny videos clips, and other memories we want to keep handy on the vimeo shelf, so many delicious moments get lost that are not included in that 5 minute snapshot.

So, in an effort to (1) format, trim, and store our memories that otherwise get downloaded, forgotten, and shuffled from computer to computer, (2) to reflect on our week (no wonder I’m so tired by Friday!), and (3) as a way for me personally to circle back to the goals and to-dos I set every Sunday night and note which ones still need some attention, I’m challenging myself to start a series on the blog called the Sunday Review that documents in short form our favorite photos, videos, and general highlights of that week.  We’ll see how it fares, but here is this week’s review (posted, yes, on Tuesday), or what otherwise occurs outside of my work week.

  • Posts on Butternut Squash soup, Martha Beck, Halloween 2013, Veggie Burgers, and DIY Travel games.
  • Signed up for 21 day Deepak meditation course
  • Ladies crafting night–my co-organizer Tricia shared her family’s secret apple pie crust recipe (delish!)
  • Finished paint, curtains, and rugs in Judah’s room
  • Decided on the design for my craft room
  • Bike ride with new baby seat on the back of bike (we previously used a trailer) and bought Judah’s first red tricycle
  • Figured out how to hang my huge bird cage in the living room and found the bird cage’s first verdant inhabitant, a plant
  • Put Judah’s first bed together, which he slept in for the first time in his new Elmo pjs
  • 2 days juicing (picture is just of 1 day’s worth of juice)
  • Yoga and meditation before bed and upon waking (didn’t count days)
  • Saturday brunch in Bethesda with friend
  • New baby Liana born!
  • Husband’s trip to NYC to see “sports”
  • Ordered food and cake for Judah’s birthday, designed tablescape and decor and ordered a few supplies for my DIYs (brown string and burlap)
  • Sent out big proposal for a client at work that’s been 3 weeks in the making
  • Scheduled December’s Ladies Crafting night for our home (on the agenda: cookie exchange and these decor balls)
  • Confirmed date for my tour of Martha Stewart’s NYC offices in December
  • Worked on proposal for video series for blog 2014
  • Picked up props to photograph for blog sponsor

See if you enjoy keeping track of what you do in a week and if it changes how much more you get done the following week. xx


One thought on “Sunday Review

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