It’s Coming….Judah’s 2nd Birthday Party


Between setting up the new house, decorating it, and getting ready for Judah’s 2nd birthday party on Sunday, we are EX-HAUSTED.  Even my fingers are hurting as I am typing this post.  My time every day is like a puzzle: I’m constantly trying fit in work into the chunks of time I have, around my blog projects, before we pick up our son from daycare.  But this week it seems that every day was eclipsed with the many tasks on our to-do lists.  We even bought our first iron this week—after 3 years together and my first iron in 10 years–to press drapes.   Not something I’m looking forward to experiencing again.  Here are a few shots I’ve set up around the house in preparation for the party in between our many hours of manual labor.


These firetrucks–one old and one new–are for the kids to play on during the party.  There’s a long hallway outside our apartment that’s still under construction and perfect for rambunctious 2 year olds.  Judah’s been driving both of the trucks inside and when he hits the wall, he screams, “The Walls!”  Because that’s what we’ve been yelling at him everytime he slams into one of the walls in an effort to preserve the pristine look of our newly-painted house.  Obviously, it hasn’t worked out so well.


This tablescape isn’t quite finished yet, but here’s the start of it.  I usually sketch out what I’m thinking beforehand and always have a clear idea in my head of what I want.  This set-up was inspired by firetruck red, coarse twine and burlap browns, and white as the foil with various textures, including marshmallows, red licorice, maraschino, cherries, apples, white ceramic, and animal crackers.  


Judah’s 2 year old playmates are meeting at the firestation across the street where they’ll play on the trucks and each receive a hat before heading back to our house for the celebration.  

I reused this decorative glass piece to display a glittered silver “2” sticker; last year I used a numbered candle accompanied by gumballs for his ball-themed birthday.  Sometimes I wonder how long I’ll have the energy for these crafty birthday parties, as I creep closer to my mid-thirties and with more kids on the horizon.  


But, at the end of the day, who cares how a tatoo will look when you’re 90 years old on the day you get it?

Happy Friday!



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