Firetruck Birthday (He’s 2!)


Some of these pictures you’ve seen from my It’s Coming post,  but here are the rest of the photos from my son’s firetruck birthday in celebration of him turning 2.  We started off Sunday morning with gluten free bluberry muffins–which we’ve slowly turned into vegan over time by edging out first eggs, then butter with oil and applesauce substitutes.  Judah call muffins “cupcakes” and granola bars “cookies”, so you can imagine his state of delight when he infrequently gets his little hands on and samples the sugary real macoy.judah2bday1

The batter makes too many for a tray of 12 minis, so I fill up a few ramakins and we eat the blueberry souffles throughout the week.


We’re still moving in/decorating our new home.  We got the gold mirrors up this week, but are still waiting on wallpaper.  I can’t wait to share the final result.  Here’s the tablescape for the birthday party and some of the themed red/white decor around the apartment.



The party started off at the firehouse across the street from us.  The firemen were so friendly and accommodating, letting 15 kids stop by to sit in the trucks and roam around.  They gave everyone hats, turned on the lights, and, just before we left, the siren.  Judah was in 7th heaven–as I’ve mentioned many times on the blog, we stop on the skybridge every morning to check in on the firetruck’s status.  Today one of the trucks was backing up into the garage, and Judah insisted on not only waiting for it to park, but watching to see whether it was going to come back out again.  Because “Mommy has to get to work,” doesn’t amount to much leverage for a 2 year old, I told him the firetruck had gone to sleep, which he bouht, and we bid it goodbye.


At various points, Judah was running around the firestation on the day of his party remarking, “Oh my goodness!  Oh my goodness!” and “Woooww!” (The cutest.)


The little girls seemed to enjoy the outing the least, covering their ears when the sirens went off, not wanting to get in the trucks, and generally displaying a state of confusion, disinterest, and bewilderment.  I felt the same way…until I witnessed my son’s sheer fascination with firetrucks, tractors, and airplanes as soon as he was able to construct a thought.


We offered veggie burgers, which I bought, reformed into minis, and baked, fries, and a few lighter-colored condiments to steer away from the probability of ketchup on our off-white chairs.  The spread included pickles, arugula, fakin’ bacon, and secret sauce (vegan mayo with a little ketchup and paprika).  I wasn’t sure how the veggie burgers would go over, so I decided to set out some mini-soft pretzel bites and croissants, just in case.


And for desserts, these gorgeous creatures from my favorite Alexandria Cake Pop Company.  We used them for my husband’s 40th birthday and I am now addicted.  I thought the chocolate dipped marshmellows would be easier to eat for 2 year olds and have a little less sugar.  I garnished the tray with maraschino cherries–it looked and tasted divine.bday7And, of course, my signature for all my children’s parties (including the upcoming baby shower I am throwing for a friend), pink bubbly with a fruit garnish.  I dropped about 4-6 pomegranate seeds in all the ladies’ glasses (men, in general, had beer) and everyone seemed to adore it.590A0348

The birthday boy kept grabbing mini-cupcakes off the table.  We usually don’t give the little swiper (if you don’t get this reference, feel grateful) sugar, but, since it was his birthday, I let it pass.  My guess is that he had about 6 cupcakes that day.

For the grand finale, one of our friends just happened to have a fireman puppet, and they brought it to the party.  It turned out to be absolutely spectacular–the fireman was hilarious and even downed two cupcakes to boot.


 We are were so thrilled to witness, with friends and family, this special day for our precious little 2 year old, who grows sweeter, happier, and more loveable day by day.  Happy 2nd birthday my darling Judah!



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