Proof of Love: Homemade Holiday Cards


“There is no love; there are only proofs of love”  -Pierre Reverdy.

Who was Pierre Reverdy? Evidently, an excessively insecure individual.   Yet, who doesn’t crave a proof of love every now and then?  These homemade cards were inspired by both my family’s Sunday snow day and this darling holiday card (above) that we received.  Ever since my card cleanse, I’ve been itching to reuse some of the beautiful cards I’ve collected over the years and this project was the ticket.  diycards1

First, draw a mitten to use as your stencil and trace the pattern on top of your recycled cards–don’t forget to use the inside or back of the cards if they include pretty patterns.  You’ll need to flip over the mitten pattern to make the back of the mitten–so you’ll cut out 1 front and 1 back for every single mitten.  You can include a single mitten hanging from the tree or a pair–I preferred the look of only a single mitten because I was using smaller notecards.   Next, I added washi tape to the cards and envelopes to liven up the background and then cut strips from a crinkly, well-used brown paper bag.  The more uneven, textured, and imperfect your strips, the better. 590A0684

Finally, glue the brown strips onto your card in the form of the tree, using a black ink pen to add lines creating a bark-like effect.  Glue the string in between the front-side and the back-side of your mitten, hanging the mitten onto a branch before gluing it down completely.  On some of the cards, I stamped the background and added glitter and/or embossing powders, while leaving others plain to preserve a more simplified product.  Here they are:


I had a dozen or so mittens left over after I was done, so I included a strip of wash tape and added an extra mitten on the envelopes too.


I included some extra whimsy on this one.


Season’s greetings!




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