Holiday Crafting and Cookie Exchange

holidayparty5Greetings!  We’re a few days away from our New York trip for our annual Christmas Eve dinner at Patsy’s and associated festivities.  My son Judah (who’s 2) was teeming with excitement as we strolled him down the bustling New York streets last Christmas, so I can’t wait to see his unfettered enthusiasm this year when we visit the holiday trains at the NYC Botanical gardens, see the FAO Schwartz real life toy soldiers open the store, buy a $1 picture with Elmo and Cookie Monster in Times Square, and, of course, absorb the tree, window displays, and ice skaters at Rockefeller Plaza.  We’re also visiting friends and family while we’re there–and, even though I get to New York quite a bit, none of the trips compare to this yearly family event.

Before we leave, though, I wanted to share a few photos from my holiday crafting party last weekend because, as I tell my husband, this blog doesn’t write itself.  In lieu of a full scale holiday party, I invited a few ladies over for a cookie exchange and to have some fun working on this holiday craft.  It gave me a fantastic excuse to not only visit with friends, but also create a proper occasion to serve spiked egg nog (the soy version, of course).


A week or so before the party, I made these darling drink stirrers using letter stamps and embossing powders.  Because my party spread consisted almost entirely of cookies,  I created a festive, seasonal drink bar (hot chocolate, apple cider, and egg nog) with various inspired accessories.  The accompaniments included shaved chocolate, sugar varieties, crushed peppermint, cinnamon sticks,


homemade whipped cream,


homemade marshmallows (thank you Sur la Table),


and 2 edible drink stirrers (rock candy and peppermint sticks).  I spray painted these walnuts gold for my Winter Tablescape last year.  (I’m still completely enamored with last year’s gold lace fabric!)  I added the walnuts to the drink accompaniments to satisfy my gold/glitter factor, as well as regular peppermint sticks and cinnamon sticks to round out the plates.

holidayparty6Here’s the set-up for my art room before the girls arrived and the crafting fun began. holidayparty7And a few string ornaments after they were complete and in the process of drying.  The upside/downside of hosting a cookie exchange is that you, the host, are the one left with all the excess cookies, which, in my case, turned out to be just over 4 dozen.

Of course, I didn’t mind.

Happiest of Happy Holidays!!



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