Mixed Media Paper Dolls


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

-pablo picasso

Currently in my purse (so I can sneak in some reading while waiting in lines at the bank drive-thru or when I get caught in traffic) is The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge.  It’s a fascinating read that, among other things, describes how everyday thoughts and actions can physically change the structure and capacity of the brain.  Specifically, education, such as taking adult continuing education classes, increases the number of branches among neurons in the brain.  An increased number of branches drives the neurons farther apart, thereby increasing the volume and thickness of the brain.  This discovery has allowed scientists to often correct learning disabilities in children with simple brain exercises.

Personally, I’m drawn to any scientific evidence that supports me taking even more classes than I already do.  In addition to the cooking classes I’ve been doing once a month, I’ve also recently enrolled in a jewelry making class–the thought of wearing some of my own creations is absolutely electrifying~!

Last year, I took an acyllic class at the Delaplaine, and, while I learned that I don’t necessarily enjoy spending 3 hours painting 1 lemon, I had the most fun after the class, experimenting with the medium in my own way using mixed media.  These paintings (above and below) included torn pages from a French Saveur, old vintage books, and lots of scraps from some gorgeous papers I’ve been working with lately.

I’ve found through my “class addiction” that sometimes discovering what I don’t like is just as valuable as discovering what I do.  Before rejecting it although, which can be necessary at times, leaving room to experiment can lead to a delicious derivation that really works.


The paintings are going on the walls of my craft room, as daily reminders to “Begin Again” and “Meet Each Moment as a Friend”.

For me, this project using Mixed Media Paper Dolls is a brilliant marriage between papers, colors, and textures I love and personal mantras that inspire daily.



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