Valentine’s Inspiration with Ribbons


I wouldn’t admit this to just anyone, but one of the central inspirations for this blog was a trip to a ribbon factory outlet with my mother-in-law 3 years ago.  This particular ribbon factory, Berwick Offray, located in Hagerstown, Maryland and one of the largest in the nation, is, essentially, a blank space filled with tubs, and tubs, and tubs of thousands of ribbons of all colors, sizes, and textures.  And not only is it a ribbon factory, but it’s also an outlet–so nearly all of the ribbons are priced between $0.10-$4.


My reaction to witnessing these tubs of ribbons organized by colors and in various patterns, sheers/sheens, wires, and holiday-themes was pure ectasy.

My observation of my own unbridled happiness at (1) being in the presence of all of those ribbons and (2) taking a dozen photos of the ribbons on my phone (I later went back with my DSLR) scared me, then amused me, then scared me again.  Why was I so excited by ribbons and photographing them?  (After all, I didn’t sew, I didn’t craft, and I spent my days in a black, blue, or grey pantsuit at a desk.) What, or what, could I do with all. these. ribbons. Why had I never been ribbon-shopping before?


Shortly after that trip, this blog was born and, since then, I seem to have found endless uses for my vast ribbon supply, which my mother-in-law usually picks up for me seasonally.  I go through anywhere from 2-7 rolls of ribbon for 1 of my banners.  I’ve hung ribbons on chandeliers, wrapped them around vases, threaded them thru and around cards, and I am pleased to say they comprise an entire box in my crafting room.  Ironically, I rarely ever use my ribbons for wrapping presents.  Perhaps my favorite use for all my ribbons is tying ribbon upon ribbon.  Ahhhhh, bliss.

valentine's-decor2These particular ribbons, photographed in this post, my mother-in-law recently picked up for me for a slew of Valentine’s projects that are in the works, including a hot-air balloon-themed baby shower that I’m styling, some “I Love You Because” Valentine’s Day cards that I’m making, the Valentine’s banner and card-making class I’m teaching, and, of course, to replenish my consistently, well-stocked ribbon box.


As an example of the range of ribbons Berwick Offray offers, my mother-in-law found these adorable footprint and “It’s a Girl!” ribbons for the upcoming hot-air balloon baby shower.  Aren’t they divine?


Wishing you your own Valentine’s Inspiration with Ribbons.

Signing off,

No longer ashamed by my ribbon fetish.




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