Me Hungry!

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 7.43.04 PM

I pieced together for this little video (only 30 seconds) from a day when Judah and I were home together last week, after school was cancelled due to snow.  I am usually sitting at my computer in my office (i.e., craft room) so the vantage point is always the same when I get a “drive-by” (usually half a dozen times a night).

One of his teachers said to me once, “Judah’s always so excited when he wakes up from naps, like ‘the world is still here to play in!'”  I thought this was a lovely sentiment and one that I wanted to remember because I had always interpreted the wild-eyed, crazy look he woke up as an internal drive to forage for food.   The first thing he says in the morning  is “I want brekfest!” and then “Where’s the sun, I’m hungryyy!” sometimes followed by “Daddy, here’s your glasses (handing my husband his glasses from the nightstand).”

I started saying “Me Hungry” as a joke to my husband after sentences such as “let’s go get a cupcake!” or “let’s eat out tonight!”  It was inspired by this episode of 30 Rock and, if you haven’t seen it, download right. a. way.

The baby picked up this phrase (evidently, I use it quite a bit…) and now he, too, says it to make a slightly similar, but different, point.  He is the sweetest, sweetest boy and evidently the genetics lean strongly toward the maternal side.

Me hungry!


PS-If you’re wondering what’s smeared all over his body in the last scene, that’s yogurt and, trust me when I say, you don’t want to know.



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