9 Lovely Things About This Week


1- Putting the final touches on the hot air balloon baby shower I’m planning for this Saturday,

2-Starting the online class Life Scripted with Kal Barteski through Studio Calico.  I made this little sign for the baby shower on Saturday,

3-Leaving work early to get a delicious sushi-making lesson from my darling friend Mari and her sweet 2-year-old daughter Lisa (post pending),


4-Finding this app (Waterlogue) that turns photos into watercolors,


5-Buying the 4 Hour Work Week on audio and print (what took me so long?!) and fantasizing about tasks for my future Virtual Assistant,

6-Decorating my craft room for Valentine’s Day (with more practice for the Life Scripted class),

7-Finishing and sending off my homemade Valentine’s,


8-Deciding it’s time to invest in an address stamp after hand cramp from penning homemade Valentine’s  (I found this darling one on Etsy),


9-Attending the Fire and Ice street event in Downtown Frederick (Judah was old enough to play the bean bag game this year, pictured on the left).


Wishing you a sweet weekend!



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