Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower in Pink and Gold


“The Eye Has to Travel”

-Diana Vreeland


I’ve referenced the hot air balloon baby shower I’ve been planning for my darling friend Angela so many times now, all that’s left is to show you the pictures.  If viewing photos of cupcakes from 5 different angles doesn’t excite you, go here.


The mama-to-be chose pink and gold for her shower–I came up with hot air balloons as a whimsical, colorful, DIY-able theme.  Enter, hot air balloon baby shower in pink and gold.

Because I was offering all sweets, I thought the addition of milk as a beverage choice would be a cute idea.  I cut out little clouds to match the hot air balloon theme, hole-punched each one, and adorned the straws with my airy additions.


The 3 hot air balloon centerpieces I created by turning paper lanterns upside down and hot gluing ribbons onto the sides and skewers onto the bottom so that they would stand up in my flower baskets.


I used various pink, gold, and white ribbons as an element for the shower, tying them onto the balloons, the banners, the curly willow, the milk glasses, around the frame, the mini mason jars holding pencils, and strewn along the table.

For all my events, I am very, very particular about the look (even more than the taste) of the food on the table, so for cakepops I exclusively use Alexandria Cake Pop Company.  They are the best in the Washington, DC area–the cakepops here are part of their wedding line.


Just a few flower arrangements…


Thinking pink at the drink station (I swear these tablecloths were ironed before the shower).


I bought these darling little pink onesies for the baby and wanted to display them on vintage clothpins that I received as a gift–they ended up looking the best ascending  the staircase, entwined with crate paper and (of course) ribbon.

babyshowerRobin, a friend of Angela’s, made these darling hot air balloon cookies for guest gifts.  The cake and cupcakes were from Angel Cakes in Frederick, MD.


I wanted a way to thoughtfully document everyone who attended the shower for the upcoming arrival of my friend’s baby girl.  I set-up a sort of activity table where guests could sit, chat, and cut-out, decorate, and write a wish on their own pink paper hot air balloon.  I strung all the wishes together and gave them to Angela at the end of the shower.


One last photo of the cake/cupcakes!balloonbabyshower9

Just kidding, one more!!


Me and the mama-to-be.


Can’t wait to meet you Baby V.!






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