I call this blog, Fat Vegan Baby (a nickname originally coined for my son), a “lifestyle blog” because it entails various aspects inspired by my life, including topics relating to stylized living, work/life balance, art, DIY and craft projects, photography, travel, food, and holistic health.  This is where I process, share, and revel in my favorite finds, experiences, places, and people, hopefully in a slightly more refined and thoughtful way.  FVB promotes my my best living by allowing me to crystallize and capture life’s extraordinary moments, however subtle, but always changing.

I am a practicing attorney focused primarily on real estate law.  For the first four years of my practice, I worked as a litigation attorney in a large firm before deciding to transition to a more balanced life, which allowed me significantly more time for my other interests (which, as you will see, are not insubstantial).  After leaving my firm, I began studying various holistic and complementary therapies to optimize health and happiness while continuing to practice law.  These holistic modalities included yoga, Thai bodywork, reflexology, reiki, and life coaching.  In 2011, I founded Chakras, LLC, a wellness center offering holistic relaxation services that now trains spas and holistic health practitioners on various products and services that optimize health, weight loss, and well-being.

In 2013, I started my own solo real estate and intellectual property law practice and now work with an exclusive group of real estate developers, investors, and businesses primarily in the Washington, DC and Maryland areas.  These choices, and, I believe, my own personal evolution, have allowed me to achieve a work/life balance where I spend almost all of my time doing what I love each day with the people I adore most, including life coaching clients and teaching small groups of savvy woman tools (that are time-tested and well-established in the fields of positive psychology, art therapy, eastern medicine, strategic coaching and consulting, as well as from my own experience) that allow them to savor life a little more with less stress and maximum fulfillment.  Before going to law school, I also earned a Master’s Degree in Biology and Society, and I continue to remain fascinated with and informed by the interplay between society (including how we conduct both our internal and external lives) and our biology, information about which is continually changing and evolving according to ongoing scientific studies, some of which I discuss here.

Here’s what continues to delight me on a revolving basis:   art journaling and fellow crafters, chandeliers, Martha Stewart glitter, solo piano music, my son and husband, Parisian style, vegan and vegetarian cooking (Note: I am only a part-time vegan/vegetarian with the other part indulging in an occasional filet!), DIY crafts, food props, textiles, champagne and champagne flights, black and white photography, mixed media, scenic bike-riding, gold wallpaper, homemade mail, Moroccan lanterns, Christian Louboutin’s, red lipstick, succulents, specialty papers and pens, high-end candles, Thai massage, and my fellow bloggers.

Please contact me with questions, comments, as well as for coaching and speaking opportunities at jessica@jessicashaool.com.




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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post about homemade salted butter. I just took a look at your last posts and pressed the Follow Button. 🙂 Have a great day! 🙂

  2. Thank you for dropping by earlier into my blog and now following it. You probably did not guess but I was born in France. Somehow I understand your attraction for the Parisian style. French baguettes, pains au chocolat and croissants are the way to go!Have you ever tried other areas like Provence? Also I have discovered an artist based in France on Pinterest called Lili Paris and I have the feeling you may love what she does. have a look here http://pinterest.com/liliparis/. Let me know what you think. Gaelle

  3. Lovely to read your profile & thanks for visiting my new blog, its in the workings. Great to know that you’re into arts, i use to do some design too and so does my neighbor whose left for Germany for a few years, looking forward to your writes.

  4. Thanks for reading AND liking my blog- yours is gorgeous ! Mine is a work in progress and I plan to spend this year devoting much more time and attention to it. I am interested in some of the same things you are and I think having an eclectic mix is the best. Looking forward to seeing and reading more from you !- Erica

  5. Thank you so much for following me! You’re family is so beautiful and you take really amazing pictures! Can’t wait to see more of them soon 🙂 Please come back and visit my site again soon!

  6. Jessica, a much-belated thanks for stopping by my own blog. I love the title of yours. I’ve also experimented with veganism but have not stuck to it longer than a couple of months. From litigation attorney to your present trade(s) is quite the leap!

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